<strong>Sunil Osman</strong><br>Actor and Comedian

Sunil Osman
Actor and Comedian

Sunil Osman was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa and despite his academic background and vast experience in both the public and private sectors, has established himself with many years of experience as an Actor, Presenter, Voice Artiste, Master of Ceremonies, Comedian and Auctioneer. Using his acquired knowledge and his ongoing experience he does motivational speaking about the Entertainment Industry to inspire and grow those who are as passionate as he is. Sunil is also known as a Socialite, but on his nights out doesn't mind being called Sunny.

Sunil has had roles in various award winning movies that have gone worldwide and continues to pursue his acting career while keeping busy doing many things within the Entertainment Industry for clients worldwide.

An all rounder who believes in Jack of all trades MASTER OF SOME!