<strong>Dieter Voigt</strong><br>Mr South Africa

Dieter Voigt
Mr South Africa

Everybody knows Dieter Voigt as that friendly face from Pasella, the SABC 2 show that has continued to captivate viewers in South Africa over the last couple of years. Dieter Voigt has had his fair share of fame of the last couple of years and in 2007 he was crowned as Mr South Africa and in he was also Men's Health Look runner up in 2005.

He is not only an excellent motivational speaker but also offers mc (master of ceremony) services as well as celebrity judge appearances. He is also bilingual in Afrikaans and English and due to his knowledge as TV presenter; he provides this services with the utmost attention to detail and professionalism.

Not only has he done all of the above, he also published his first book that is an inspirational book for teens. If you do feel that you want Dieter Voigt to appear at your function, please complete the enquiry form below.
Dieter Voigt completed his B. Ed degree in 2002 - specialising in Psychology, Afrikaans and Movement Science. He then went on to teach at Mikro Primary School for five years from 2002 – 2007.